Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Trip To Doc Keyes' Shop of Architectural Wonders

It was a cold, snowy Sunday in February, and I was looking for glass drawer pulls for a nightstand I was working on. My son called and said he was going to Doc's to look for wrought iron table legs and asked me to go along. I had heard of Doc Keyes' operation before. He was one of the first to go into condemned houses and rescue the old doors, woodwork, windows, clawfoot bathtubs, doorknobs. It was generally thought that he was kind of nuts. Who would want all that junk? But as we pulled up and I saw all the rescued architectural artifacts, I had my camera out before I got out of the car. And I couldn't believe I'd never been there before. I am a big fan of the show "American Pickers" on the History channel. I do what they do in my own little way. I love Goodwill, garage sales and estate sales. I love the idea of recycling old treasures and giving them another life.

Here are old radiators nestled beneath a steeple from a long-gone church.

A pile of old paving bricks.

A dimestore horsey ride next to a barber chair.

An old cafe sign.

Am I crazy to think these old heat duct covers are beautiful?

This was a wall of mailboxes from an apartment building.

I loved the way things were not arranged. Here is a rusty iron bedstead.

Did I say it was a wonderful day?