Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My Dad

This is my dad, born August 27, 1924. Soon to be 90 years old.
 I took this picture down from the wall in my parents' bedroom.
I photographed the picture, downloaded to Lightroom and did a little editing. I wanted to see how many grandchildren and great-grandchildren resembled Dad.
I've really never noticed Dad's almond-shaped eyes before, since he has always worn glasses.
 I love the sweet baby dress he is wearing. I wonder who made it, did his older brother, Paul Fletcher, wear it before him? 
What do you think? Who do you see in that little sweet face?

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Every year I like to go to Holcomb Gardens to see and smell the lilac garden. This year sister Patsy was in town, so we went there one day. Alas, most of the lilacs were past their prime, the big juicy purple  ones, but we found some pretty pink ones. Oh my, there's nothing like a good sniff of lilac in the Spring!


Holcomb Gardens is such a beautiful, peaceful place.

We got kind of silly from smelling the lilacs and decided to pose with some of the dead ones.
Didn't know this guy, probably a student at Butler, but I thought he looked like a modern day "Thinker" statue.