Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Funny Pics!

I take a lot of pictures, some are better than others. Some are more appropriate than others. Today I want to share some of the ones that make me laugh.

These folks settled on the bench in front of me at the last music festival I went to - the Folky Fish Fest (isn't that a great name?) I just had to get a picture of them. They were much more interested in drinking beer than enjoying the music. The first girl's t-shirt says, "Bare if you Dare." The next guy could not keep his pants up. And the third girl has a big red mark on her arm from wrestling with the guy a few moments before.
Here is another guy at the same festival.  "I got a Gun for my Wife - Good Trade". Really? Not to mention "Burn 1". I bet his mother is so proud.

Total switch here. At Nathan's birthday party, we had party favors. The mustaches were a big hit with the young and the old. (Sorry, Mom!)
Taxidermy exhibit. I don't know why, but they struck my funny bone. They were so proudly displayed at an art festival.

On my trip to San Diego this summer, my sisters and I had a great time on the beach.  These pictures are hilarious! (There are more, sisters!)
Another San Diego beach picture. My sister loves the sunsets on the beach - what's not to love? Here she is in a Zen moment. It's really a pretty good picture, just not your normal pose.
On the 4th of July, my 1 year old grandson pushed this cooler from the back of the house all the way down the driveway. He loves to move furniture, too.
Here is another grandson. I took him to a craft fair called the French Market. I love how he has his pinky up!
Here are my grandkids at a wonderful guitar exhibit at the Eiteljorg Museum. At least, I enjoyed it. I returned from examining the exhibits to find them in this pose on a bench waiting for me.
And finally, we had a luau for my granddaughter's birthday. Here is my son doing the limbo in a pink grass skirt. We all had a great time!