Monday, February 27, 2012

The Shoebox


There is a time for some things,

and a time for all things;

A time for great things

And a time for small things.


I have been picking Avery up from Kindergarten a couple of times a week since her Mom got a new job.

Today I brought a shoebox full of old pictures - pictures of her daddy and her uncle as little boys, pictures of her brothers as babies, a few of her own baby pictures.

The pictures were thoroughly examined and many questions were asked.

I snapped these photos and she didn't even notice. These pictures will make a nice memory some day, too.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

What's In My Journal?


Odd things, like a button drawer. Mean

Things, fishhooks, barbs in your hand.

But marbles,too. A genius for being agreeable.

Junkyard crucifixes, voluptuous

Discards. Space for knicknacks, and for

Alaska. Evidence to hang me, or to beatify.

Clues that lead nowhere, that never connected

Anyway. Deliberate obfuscation, the kind

That takes genius. Chasms in character.

Loud omissions. Mornings that yawn above

A new grave. Pages you know exist

But you can't find them. Somebody's terribly

Inevitable life story, maybe mine.

William Stafford, from "Crossing Unmarked Snow".

Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl 2012!

I do not like sports. I do not follow football, basketball, baseball or soccer. But this year my hometown hosted the Super Bowl, and I have to admit it was quite exciting.

Here is a picture of Lucas Oil Stadium taken on Sunday night just as the game was starting. A shot of Indianapolis' skyline at sunset the same evening.
Super Bowl Village in downtown Indianapolis began 10 days before the Super Bowl. There was so much hoopla about it, I couldn't wait to see what was going on, so one day I took the bus downtown, which was an adventure in itself!

On Monument Circle, giant letters XLVI were erected. Here I am in front of them.

One of the highlights of Super Bowl Village was the zipline. It was something to see! It only cost $10, but there was at least a three-hour wait each day. It only lasted 30 seconds, but it was thrilling just watching.

Here I am with one of my favorite firefighters.

Here is a picture I copied from Facebook of the crowd one night.

On Saturday I volunteered at the Bart Star Breakfast of Champions. My cousin went with me. I was hoping to see celebrities, and was excited when Colts' Jeff Saturday walked through the area we were working.

Look at me!

And last but not least, Jimmy Fallon was in town and taped his show from the Circle Theater. I am a big fan of Jimmy Fallon!