Thursday, January 8, 2015

Christmas 2014

Here's a look at my Christmas 2014. So much preparation!! 
And it never fails - my Christmas pictures never turn out. 
Or at least I am always disappointed in them. 
I guess even pictures can't convey all the excitement that goes along with Christmas.
I decided to use my Charlie Brown Christmas tree this year. 
Every year I make my granddaughter something. This year it was a Hello Kitty nightgown.
She liked it. She even put it on before the evening was over.
Close-up of the yo-yo I made for a decoration.

Christmas at Mom & Dad's. Now you will begin to see what I mean about the pictures.
Now, this one I like. I gave my grandson a little backpack and he loved it.
I swear, this is the best group shot I got of the kids. Kind of surreal.
At my house. Christmas chaos.
These two were SO excited! Really.
No one told me to make a silly face.

Over Christmas break, the kids and I took a winter walk to Ellenberger Park.
It was very cold!!
I really like this picture. My two buddies.