Monday, May 19, 2014


I have a lot of pictures to share today. It was such a fun day, I can't just choose a few.

We had a wonderful Mother's Day brunch at Cousin Helen's house. Great food, company, and HATS! We must have taken a zillion pictures. The following are a choice selection of mine.
The food was delicious!
The table set so beautifully!
It was a beautiful day and we had fun taking pictures. This is me and my beautiful niece, Sarah.  Her hat was outrageous and suited her perfectly!
Me and my two sisters.
Another of me and my two sisters.
Cousin Helen's husband is involved with the Indy 500 and they have a pace car for the month.
Cousin Helen took the aunts for an exciting ride in the pace car!
Sister Beth having a quiet moment on the veranda.
Sister Patsy also having a quiet moment on the veranda.
Niece Nellie waited until last to decorate her hat. I guess the flowers were all gone because she only used leaves. Nellie looks gorgeous in anything!
Niece Sarah making the most out of her hat.
Sister Beth and her two beautiful daughters.
Hats from the back.
Niece Sarah making goo-goo eyes.
Mom and Nellie having a moment together.
My creation.
Sister Beth and Mom.
Lovely photo of Mom and her three daughters.
Last, but not least, Sarah photo-bombing our picture. Cute!