Friday, September 23, 2011


I have been crafting! It must be the change of weather or something, but I have been feeling very creative. Last Saturday I drove to New Palestine, IN, for a garage sale that had been listed on Craig's List. I am looking for a dress form, and they had one advertised. New Palestine is a little suburb of Indianapolis, on the southeast side of town, not far. As I followed the signs, I found myself on a road with beautiful fields on either side. I stopped and took a picture. Oh, by the time I got to the garage sale, the dress form was already gone.

I have had this little stool for a couple of years. It was painted a very dated blue, but I could just see it painted white, like a milking stool. I finally painted it, and then stenciled on the top. It turned out so cute!

This used to be a purple corduroy butterfly chair. I used it in the yard and it got very faded and dirty, so I decided to make a new cover for it. I used fabric I already had. The plaid was from the skirt of a jumper, and the polka dot from a shower curtain I got at Goodwill for the fabric. It was quite a project. I ended up staying up till 3:30 AM one night working on it. I was obsessed!

I picked up this cute kitty cat material at a garage sale long ago. I decided to make my granddaughter and her best friend matching skirts. I could just see them wearing matched outfits. They are both in Kindergarten. They are just simple little skirts with an elastic waist, and I added a "fussy-cut" pocket, so they could tell their skirts apart. So cute!

That's it for now!