Monday, December 10, 2012

The Butler Carillon

I have a new favorite place. It is Butler University campus, especially Holcomb Gardens and the Carillon Bell Tower located by the reflecting pond. The reflecting pond is home to ancient koi that can been seen lurking just under the surface, casting a golden glow wherever they are. 
 The Carillon is at the top of a long stairway made of Indiana limestone. We walked around the pond and then up the steps. Every hour the Carillon plays the first few notes of "Back Home Again in Indiana", and then chimes the hour. 
On Sunday I took my two middle grand children to my music group's Christmas party and afterwards we stopped by the Butler University campus. It was a wet and chilly day and we had to jump over mud puddles, but we had such a good time. 
I took pictures and we played hide-and-go-seek around the concrete towers below the Carillon. I told them that the chimes would ring if we stayed long enough, and sure enough, at 5:00, they rang! It was very exciting. 
A self-portrait of the three of us on this happy day.