Friday, February 28, 2014


I visited my younger son and his family last weekend and was very surprised to see he has grown a beard.
This is my son last summer at a family reunion.
And here he is with a beard. He looks so different! In a good way.
A red beard. He can't understand why he has a red beard, but has decided to embrace it (I guess). I looked it up on Wikipedia, and it turns out if you get the red hair gene from both parents, you have red hair. If you just get one red hair gene, you can have a red beard, but another color on your head.
Here is my son with his son. Time will tell if he got the red hair gene. 

Saturday, February 8, 2014


I had a lovely day with my granddaughter this week. She was out of school due to strep throat. She really felt fine, but couldn't go back to school until 24 hours after she started the antibiotic. 
So we made cupcakes.

She had such a good time decorating them.

And I had a good time taking pictures.
She was so cute in her apron.
I love when I can take pictures and she is totally absorbed in something.

When I was a child, we called the leftover batter or icing "licklock". She thought that was hilarious, but enjoyed the licklock anyway.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Fisher Price Cash Register Repost

(I am reposting this blog that I posted way back in February of 2014, because it garnered 22,711 views. Does that mean it went viral? I haven't been writing blogs for awhile - since last August, in fact. Maybe I'll begin again. The baby in these pictures is now 5, and has a little brother, who particularly loves the Jack in the Box.) 

Way back in 1975, for my oldest son's first Christmas, we bought this Fisher Price cash register. Over the years it has been a favorite toy for my two little boys, and then all four grandkids. I'm sure I have pictures of all of them playing with it, but here are some of my youngest grandson from last summer.
Amazingly, the cash register still has the three little coins it came with.
Love his little chubby fingers. 
I love his little suspenders. 
He was determined to eat this apple while playing. 
Behind the cash register in this picture is the jack-in-the-box that was also bought in 1975 and has proved to be very popular.