Friday, July 27, 2012

Vintage Typing Table

I found this wonderful metal typing table today at the Goodwill Outlet Store. It has a little rust, but is very sturdy.
As soon as I found the table, I spied this very old Gregg typing book in the same bin.
I remember having a typing book similar to this - but not quite as old!
This one is Copyright 1932. 
Great old pictures. 
Great old graphics!
This was the way it was before computers. 

More Goodwill Outlet Finds

More Goodwill Outlet finds!
A beautifully done old sampler. 
A harp-backed chair. I've always wanted one of these.
Can't wait to re-do!
This is a cool old tray, very large. I shall serve lemonade when company comes!

The Old Suitcase

Found an old suitcase at the Goodwill Outlet today. It is beat up and rusty, but there's something about it I liked.
The last owner was a Mrs. M. Cape, from Boynton Beach, FL.
Must have been coming home from West Palm Beach, FL.
Can't help but wonder whose hands tied these ribbons last.
It was a good day at the Goodwill Outlet Store. More to come.