Friday, May 25, 2012

Birthday Carriage Ride

I was so excited to take a carriage ride on my birthday.
It was a beautiful night.
Downtown Indy was all lit up.
It was very soothing and quiet, just the horse clip-clopping along.
We rode by all the city landmarks.
Loved it!

May Flowers



Garden Path

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Tooth Fairy

Look who has lost her front teeth!!

Garage Sale Fun

I love garage sales and last weekend I helped with one at my son's house.
Most of the stuff on this table is mine. I'm trying to let go of things.
I love new or old cigar boxes.

This is a little picture of another of my favorite things - a teacup. I made it look like an oil painting by using ModgePodge. It has a great frame, too.
Little Av wasn't feeling good, but she was very interested in all the sales, and hung in there.
Here she is eyeing all of Grandma's junque. The dog rarely leaves her side.
Mom cleaned out her bookcase recently, and we had a lot of books, a virtual library!
I have a new camera lens and I was enjoying taking pics of our goods.
A whole stack of old music - but no one was interested. Oh well.
The newest member of the family was there, but he was not FOR SALE!