Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Easter 2015

Spring at last! 
And here are a few scenes from Easter Sunday.
Lovely forsythia - a once-a-year delight.
Cashmere bunnies, made from Goodwill cashmere sweaters. 
They were one of my winter projects and they turned out so cute!
The cat who lives at Mom's house. She gets jealous when anyone else is getting Mom's attention.
We had a smallish group for dinner this year - just nine. No out of town guests, and some regulars were in California.
We had a small but lively Easter egg hunt. 

E brought along his grabber tool - perfect for picking up eggs.
Mike was the Easter Bunny this year.
This is how we do it. Each plastic egg has a strip of paper inside with a number on it. The numbers match a list of prizes. Examples of prizes - $1, choose a gift from the big basket, 50 cents, a big Easter kiss from Great Grandma or Great Grandpa, or (the best one of all) a Happy Easter! 

Here is Avery collecting her kiss from Great Grandpa.
Everyone wins.