Monday, January 14, 2013


I love editing my photos. Since I have upgraded to a Smart Phone and an iPad, I have discovered an app called Instagram. You simply upload a photo, click on various settings until you find one you like, then you save it. It gives a photo you might not have looked at twice a very unique look. 

Self-photo during my birthday carriage ride.
A rose is a rose is a rose. 

Everyone dreaming different dreams. 
Summertime feet. 
Dad picking tomatoes. 
Caterpillar's dinner.
Backyard sky.
Kitchen help. 
This is a different app called "Sketch". 

Love this one. 
A place that holds many memories for me - what is left of the amphitheater at Eagle Creek Park. 
This app is called "WaterBooth". 

A couple more of what the "Sketch" app can do.

What are your favorites?

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  1. Great photos and yes, I am enjoying Instagram too. It is new to me so I am still refining my art. :-)