Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Funny Pics!

I take a lot of pictures, some are better than others. Some are more appropriate than others. Today I want to share some of the ones that make me laugh.

These folks settled on the bench in front of me at the last music festival I went to - the Folky Fish Fest (isn't that a great name?) I just had to get a picture of them. They were much more interested in drinking beer than enjoying the music. The first girl's t-shirt says, "Bare if you Dare." The next guy could not keep his pants up. And the third girl has a big red mark on her arm from wrestling with the guy a few moments before.
Here is another guy at the same festival.  "I got a Gun for my Wife - Good Trade". Really? Not to mention "Burn 1". I bet his mother is so proud.

Total switch here. At Nathan's birthday party, we had party favors. The mustaches were a big hit with the young and the old. (Sorry, Mom!)
Taxidermy exhibit. I don't know why, but they struck my funny bone. They were so proudly displayed at an art festival.

On my trip to San Diego this summer, my sisters and I had a great time on the beach.  These pictures are hilarious! (There are more, sisters!)
Another San Diego beach picture. My sister loves the sunsets on the beach - what's not to love? Here she is in a Zen moment. It's really a pretty good picture, just not your normal pose.
On the 4th of July, my 1 year old grandson pushed this cooler from the back of the house all the way down the driveway. He loves to move furniture, too.
Here is another grandson. I took him to a craft fair called the French Market. I love how he has his pinky up!
Here are my grandkids at a wonderful guitar exhibit at the Eiteljorg Museum. At least, I enjoyed it. I returned from examining the exhibits to find them in this pose on a bench waiting for me.
And finally, we had a luau for my granddaughter's birthday. Here is my son doing the limbo in a pink grass skirt. We all had a great time!



  1. nice , susan and cute pictures.

  2. Hello, fellow resident of Indy! I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment on my post about the windowsill. Anyway, I scrolled through all your pictures here; you certainly have an eclectic collection! I've been to a few concerts recently--some at White River, some in Fountain Square--and I always see interesting people at both. I would say, "So many hipsters," but I have to laugh because, well, I'm right in there, too. (Granted, I would at least wear a shirt while out in public, not just a bikini top.) I like your photos of you and your sisters at the beach! I've only been to San Diego a couple of times, and the beach once. That said, I loved it. It was so cool and peaceful and beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing all of these photos of your adventures and of your family.

    1. Thank you for checking out my blog!