Friday, October 30, 2015

Mom's Birthday Party

Our family has always been big on birthdays. Mom always made them a special occasion for us. There was always a family party, and she would make the best birthday cakes, usually with 7-minute icing, which we all loved.

So Mom had her 88th birthday on October 19th, and true to form, we had a party. It wasn't really a fancy party, although the food was fantastic. We all had a good time. I think these pictures capture the mood of the evening.

The Birthday Girl!
(on a beautiful Fall afternoon)

Beth came in town as a very welcome surprise.

John and Beth in the backyard, thumbs up for the beef tenderloin cooking on the grill - yum!

A couple of candid photos of John, my energetic brother, of whom we are all very proud.

Mom thinks John looks the most like her. What do you think?
Brothers Joe and John.
Dad, who turned 91 on August 27th.
I don't know if it was all the candles or the way the cake is being carried, but during the birthday song, the smoke alarm went off!
Happy birthday!
Little Nolan was very excited about his piece of birthday cake!
Little Hudson has the cutest pout you've ever seen!
Mom loved Beth's present.
I like the candid feel of this picture, with all the empty glasses and crumbs on the table.
Can't get enough of this little fellow.
Another candid picture of the way it was.
John and Cecilia - so happy they came in, too!
Dad with baby Hudson.
Everyone wanted to be in this photo.

Happy birthday, Mom!! Love you!!

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  1. thank you susan. fun seeing all of this, great pics of everyone. love it all!!!