Saturday, April 30, 2011

Winter 2011, Part I

Well, I haven't been keeping up with my blog this winter. I felt like winter would never end. We had lots of snow, and a terrible ice storm. At one point my front yard looked like it was covered with fondant.

Here is a picture of the blue spruce in my front yard with snowflakes coming down.

This is a picture of my kitchen window after the ice storm. My roses didn't look very happy, either.

And this is me sitting on the sofa, waiting for winter to be over. (Photo by Avery).

In mid-March I was treated to a trip to Seven Springs Ski Resort in Pennsylvania to celebrate my brother John's 60th birthday. I drove over with my nephew and my mom & dad. On the drive we enjoyed a fresh hoar frost as we entered Ohio that was so beautiful. I tried to take pictures through the car window.

And then we arrived at Seven Springs Ski Resort, which had also had a fresh snow. We all stayed at a beautiful lodge called The Fin and Feather. Here is a picture of the lodge.

There were two swans in the pond who greeted us as we walked by. They were very beautiful.

This is a picture of the little cottage I stayed in. It was a very peaceful place.

The lodge had a big fireplace and it was such fun to build a fire in it. Here is Mom enjoying the fire.

Part of the plan of the trip was to visit Falling Waters, built by Frank Lloyd Wright. Here is a self portrait on the walk to Falling Waters. It was a brisk, sunny day. The snow had melted and I was enjoying it very much.

And here is the birthday boy, opening the present I gave him, a ukulele!

It was a great trip, and so nice to get away from the Indiana winter for a few days.

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