Friday, June 24, 2011

My Antique Booth

For the last couple of years I have had a little antique booth. I can't seem to stop collecting, so I thought it would be a good outlet. Evidently, no one else shared the love of the stuff I collected, so I closed up recently.

Here are some pictures I took of one of my last displays. It was January, and I liked the idea of "winter white". I made this sign "Winter White is All the Rage", and displayed everything I had that was white.

Upon closer inspection, I see this picture was of my Christmas display. One of my ideas was to collect angels, and tell a little story about when I was a little girl and my dad gave me an angel for Christmas.

Ah, here is my winter white display again. The bookcase was found at another antique store that was closing. It is made of weathered barnwood, and is VERY heavy. My son helped me move out and wanted the bookcase for his new house.

Hey, if you see anything you want, it's probably still in my garage.

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