Saturday, August 20, 2011

Trip to the Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival

What an adventure I had this summer! I made the trip from Indianapolis to Oak Hill, New York, to the Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival. It was a 13 hour, approximately 850 mile drive (one-way). I had never been to that part of New York before and it was so beautiful! I loved the mountains and the views.

Upon arriving at the festival, I set up camp. I camped five nights in my little tent, sleeping in my sleeping bag with just a mat between me and the earth. The days were pretty warm, in the upper 80's, but the evenings were cool, requiring a sweatshirt and long pants. It was great sleeping weather!

I was a volunteer at the festival. I worked on the Shower Crew for a total of 12 hours during my five days there, in return for the entrance and camping fee, three meals and a snack a day, PLUS access to backstage. Also, the first ten rows were reserved for VIPs and Volunteers. They even had a massage tent, where 15 minute massages were available for free to the Volunteers and VIPs.

The festival is held on beautiful Walsh Farm. The only trees were around the perimeter. The only shade was man-made. The sky was simply beautiful, lots of big fluffy clouds floating by.
And the sunsets were fabulous!We were also treated to a full moon that week. Simply beautiful.

There were so many people at this festival. I don't even know how many people were there. Thousands. There were older folks who had been coming since the '70's. There were teenagers. There were young families with their children. Everyone was having a great time.

The campsites were divided into areas where people would be the happiest. There was the High Meadow, which was way up the hill. No cars were allowed up there. The shuttle buses helped carry camping gear up there, and then you were on your own. There was the Quiet/Family Camping area where things were quiet after 10:00 PM. And then there was Picker's Paradise Camping, where jams were going night and day. There was Generatorville, where people with RV's could camp together. No matter where you camped, there were only Port-a-Pottys available.

But the reason everyone was there was for the music. What a wonderful lineup! I'll have to say my favorite concert was Chris Thile and Michael Daves. They really put on a great show!

One day I left the festival to explore the area. I found a wonderful organic restaurant right on Catskill Creek. I had a lovely breakfast there and sat outside and enjoyed the creek as it gurgled by.

After I finished my strawberry smoothie, I couldn't wait to find a path down to the creek and take off my sandals and put my feet in the cold water. Ahhh.

I sat there a long time enjoying the water, the sun, and watching other people enjoying Catskill Creek, too.

In addition to the Main Stage, there was the Master's Tent. It was a smaller venue and you could get up close to the musicians.

Tony Watt, Chaz Justus and Michael Daves, Guitar Masters!

Oh, my, I had a wonderful time!