Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Me and Mr. Riley

 Have I mentioned I am working? It's supposed to be part-time, but so far it has been full time. I am working in Greenfield, Indiana, with the Riley Festival organization. After much preparation, the festival was held last weekend. The festival is held in honor of James Whitcomb Riley, the great American poet, who was born in Greenfield, Indiana. It is a three-day event, with two parades, entertainment, craft and food vendors. 
Here is a self portrait of myself and Mr. Riley in the office.
The drive to Greenfield in the morning through the country is a pretty one. I snapped this picture of a cornfield in the morning sun on the drive in one day.
Praying mantis are the neatest things. They are like tiny prehistoric insects. I love to find them in the Fall.
At one of the parades, school children place bouquets of flowers at Mr. Riley's statue in front of the courthouse.
I wandered into an old building one day and discovered a ballroom on the third floor. Loved this sign on the bathroom door.
I happened to see this old light fixture in the hallway.
This picture doesn't do justice to this magnificent stained glass window.

And that's what's been happening in my world lately.


  1. too bad it rained so much, isn't it? nice description of the festival and the scenary too.

  2. I just told my Shug the other day, that any part-time job I have ever had has always gone full-time. The festival sounds like a lot of fun. Your pictures are great.
    I really came over here to tell you that you won the dish cloth give away! WOOHOO!!!! E-mail me your address please at

    Cindy Bee

  3. I actually used to live in Greenfield, a couple of years back. It was 2012, I believe. My friend Aaron and I went to the Riley Festival, as we lived in town. That was a lot of fun! We caught the parade and ended up walking up and down the streets, going inside churches and stores, and picking up a few things from the street vendors. It was a great experience, and I hope I'll be able to make it over to Greenfield again later this fall!