Thursday, March 22, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Parade 2012

After picking A up from Kindergarten on Friday, we headed downtown to the St. Patrick's Day parade. A's daddy was going to be in the parade, driving the fire truck for the police and fire chiefs. We stopped at McD's for a quick lunch and found a place to park close to the parade route. Then we sat on the curb and watched the parade go by. I love this picture of A's pretty hair with the Irish streamers.
It was very exciting when the fire truck came by with A's daddy driving!

Several roller derby girl groups rolled by doing tricks and dressed in outlandish costumes.

I got a kick out of this vintage fire truck with all the people hanging on.

And this was one scary-looking clown. I think she was a he.

Couldn't have a parade without kilts and bagpipes!

This picture was taken after the parade of A and her handsome daddy - so cute.

It was a lovely St. Paddy's Day in Indy - over 80 degrees in March! Crazy!

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