Thursday, March 29, 2012

Warm Wools for the Long Watch

I have joined a knitting group called the Irvington Fiberistas. We meet twice a month at the neighborhood library. It's quite interesting to see what everyone is knitting and there's always lots of helpful advice.

One night someone dropped off several boxes of knitting books and patterns that had belonged to an aunt. Ah, just what I love! I spent most of the evening digging through the boxes and found some treasures.

Here is a Minerva knitting booklet dated 1942 - during World War II. I couldn't photograph all the pictures, but here are a couple of the dashingly handsome men from 1942.

Here is another one "Knit for Victory!" Warm wools for the long watch.

This book is Copyright 1943.

Love these, but I doubt I will attempt to knit any of them!

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