Friday, January 27, 2012

The Girl Scouts

I dug out my old scrapbook and found a picture of me as a Girl Scout. It says I was the President of our Troop, but I sure don't remember that.

All of the talk on Facebook about Girl Scout cookies for sale made me think about my days as a Girl Scout. Cookies cost 50 cents a box, and I went door-to-door after school to sell them. I remember walking through the snow (and cold and ice) and going across Washington Street to neighboring streets where we really weren't supposed to go.

Did anyone else want to look like the perfect Girl Scouts on the box of cookies?These are pictures of my Girl Scout sash and badges. I was so proud of my badges.

And I loved being in the Girl Scouts.

I was in Troop 291 and my leader was Mrs. Tilford. Her daughter, Mary Ann Tilford, was in my class and was also a Girl Scout. Mrs. Tilford had been in the WACs, and sometimes on Saturdays I would go to their house and she taught us to shoot bows and arrows in the backyard, and to march together up and down the street. And Mr. Tilford would be in the kitchen in a white apron, baking bread. I didn't know any other man who baked bread, or any other mother who shot bows and arrows and marched in the street.

At our meetings, I remember taking turns reading Hiawatha, and we made Indian wigs out of black fabric.

And we would sing. Mrs. Tilford played the piano and we sang and sang. I still know all the words to "Make New Friends", and "Our Chalet Song".

High, high up on the moun-tain

We founded our Chalet ....

How much do Girl Scout cookies cost now, anyway? Those mint ones have always been my favorites.


  1. I was in troop 364 and I still remember the pledge and also all the words to "Make New Friends". I loved the camping trip we went on each year and this event where each troop gets assigned a country to represent and we dress up and cook something and make a craft symbolic of our country... I don't remember the name of the event though. My mom was the leader along with 2 other moms. Most of my cookies sales were from doctors my mom works with. I liked being a girl scout too!

  2. I loved my years in Girl Scouts. We were way ahead of the times back then. Our leaders had visions, we tacked some very large project for a group of young 14 year old girls. One project was find the old school bell that had rang kids to school back in the 1910 and 20's. It had been lost to time, but with some great investigation work on the part of our leaders they located it at an antique shop and purchased it back. At their own expense, I'm sure. They built a trailer, we painted it then dedicated to the school for a Victory bell for years to come. It is still used after 45 years. Another very large and wonderful project for the community was a teen club. We converted an old school house that had sat vacant for years into a club. Lots of elbow grease went into that project. The men made a stage for bands to play, we printed membership cards, charged a small admission fee and had a blast. Dancing, joking, talking so much fun for a little hick town with nothing for kids to do on the weekends. It last about a year and the school wanted it back for students. We did so much those few years we were togather, swimming lesson, skating lesson, camping out or camping actually in cabins. Selling cookies of course, making toys and delivering them to church's for nurseries, and day cares. Visiting Nursing Homes and other community projects I have long forgotten. My days of scouting are one's I will always treasure. I loved Scouts so much I volunteered as a leader for a Daisy troop when my niece was young.

    1. Thanks for your stories! It sounds like the Scouts were a meaningful time in your life.